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TeamWise Ventures

TeamWise Ventures is providing a scalable platform and work environment including storage, security, backup and monitoring capabilities to perform an easy access to applications to run your business.


We can host your QuickBooks on a secure, remote Citrix network  This service provides many benefits, such as:

  • We all have access to the live set of books
  • We can provide training and support remotely
    • Support is as far away as your telephone
    • No one has to travel to get help
  • QuickBooks Premier is always updated
    • You no longer need to purchase and maintain your own software or pay Intuit for technical support
  • Mac users can have access to QuickBooks without having to partition their computers or use a windows parallel
  • Multiple users can remotely log into the live books simultaneously
  • Your books are backed up to a secure, onsite tape backup nightly
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