Our Services

Accounting is the foundation of any business.  At Wise & Company, we offer a full range of integrated services to ensure all needs of the client are met.  Our team has the knowledge and experience to meet your corporate & personal accounting and tax obligations.

We work with our clients as an integral part of their team in whatever capacity they require.  Through this process they learn valuable management tools; like how to read and understand their financial statements and how to talk to their banker on his/her level.

This can be more than a compliance exercise, after all, knowledge is power.

Accounting Services

We prepare annual financial statements for corporations, trusts, partnershiops and proprietorships of all sizes and industries.

Tax Services


Effective tax planning is the cornerstone to every private corporation.  We will help you to structure and manage your financial practices to legally minimize your tax audit exposure and maximize your tax savings. 

Bookkeeping Services

We can prepare your bookkeeping and payroll for you, work with you to do your own or co-ordinate a joint effort where you do as much as you want or can and we take care of the rest.

Advisory Services

Our team of professionals is always looking for opportunities to help clients understand the financial and tax side of their business.  Our goal is to understand a client’s business and then to add value by educating and advising the client. 

Hosting Services

We can host your QuickBooks on a secure, remote Citrix network.  this service provides many benefits.